Fill in the Blanks

July 29, 2012
Mike Dolpies

Isn’t it interesting how some people can work hard and never get anywhere?

Isn’t it interesting how some people who are really “smart” either do dumb things or still don’t get where they want to be?

And in some cases even the fastest are not always successful. Fastest can also mean first. Example: By all accounts AOL, Prodigy and Netscape were first, but where are they now?

It’s the great debate of success.

It’s currently the great debate of politics. Especially for those who lean to the left.

“Is it fair that you work hard and yet can’t get ahead?”

“It’s sad, that so many smart and well-educated people can not find work!”

I am not really quoting anyone in particular, but I’m sure some bleeding heart uttered those words to an eager crowd while attacking free enterprise.

There are no guarantees…

Being smart doesn’t guarantee your success.

Working harder might guarantee fatigue but it doesn’t make success a sure thing.

Being the fastest or the first doesn’t give you an exclusive pass for wealth, success and happiness either.

The only hypothesis is to assume it has to be a combination of everything. It has be a combination of more than working hard, smart and fast. There are variables that you can not see. Variables that even the most successful are UN-aware of.

But at least you can feel a sense of relief knowing at minimum you need to work hard, smart and fast. Sometimes working fast will mess you up. Sometimes working too hard will make you less productive.


There are wild-cards you’ll need to play.

You have to be timely with your smarts.

You have to know when to step on the accelerator and move fast, but you have to know when to slow down.

You also can’t think you’re “smart enough” because that can cause your failure. If you close your mind because you already “know something” you just guarantee you don’t know what you don’t know.

Yes… part of your success will be WHO you know.

Part of your success is how you are seen and valued by those who can help you. Part of it is how you see and value those you can help.

There is no proper ending and conclusion to this article so we will end it here. You fill in the blanks. Find your equation. Find your “formula.” Find your “blue-print.”

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