Three Rules of Small Business Success

October 28, 2013
Mike Dolpies

“3 rules – choose any 3.”

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As usual on Monday, my goal is to give you a little “motivation” for the week.

Today… How about taking a sledgehammer to common success ideas put out by many “gurus.”

The ideas of…

“Harmony and Balance”

“Working Less”

“The Four Hour Work Week”

And I can go on and on…

The fact is when you get the inside story about great success none of these “work less” ideas are ever given credit.

You never really hear…

“We got here by making sure we didn’t work too hard!”

“We made sure we took it easy.”

“Everyone came to work every day just whistling Dixie and we got it done.”

Early in the days of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, told his employees…

“You can work hard, you can work long, and you can work smart… pick any two.”

Quickly, he revised that rule to…

“You can work hard, you can work long, and you can work smart… but YOU CAN’T JUST PICK TWO.”

The best part is… so many of Amazon’s early employees followed Bezos.

They bought-in to his vision and work ethic.

The lesson…

Don’t feel guilty about your own work ethic.

You’re not alone when you wonder why some folks just don’t want to work as hard as you do. If you keep looking you’ll find others who will work hard like you. This work ethic will lead to small business success.

It’s true… I know… so many small businesses view Amazon as a threat and I am sure… many have been affected.

I share this with you NOT as a fan of Amazon, but as a lesson in the reality of success.

Enjoy the week!

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