Business Lessons from Captain Kirk and Priceline

August 13, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Maybe you’ve heard this piece of business news.

English: William Shatner photographed by Jerry...

English: William Shatner photographed by Jerry Avenaim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If not, you have certainly heard about the company…


You know the online travel service promoted by William Shatner.

The big news lately was the stock’s rise to the 1k milestone.

The interesting part…

The stock has reached those highs before.

But not since the late 90’s during the “Dotcom Bubble” when it peaked near 1k and then hit a low of under $5. Ouch!

Back then I remember – people making fun of Shatner for choosing stock options in lieu of other compensation.

I have no idea what Shatner holds now.

But the real lesson is found in…

“Hang in there!”

Priceline survided the dotcom crash because they had a real business – Unlike many well-funded start- ups of the day.

They served a real demand.

They saw the trends.

The lesson here is understanding everything takes some time.

Most success does not come at bullet-train speed.

Balancing high ambition with realistic expectations is key.

Anyone who lost on Priceline when it crashed several years ago most-likely had UN-realistic expectations. Perhaps they were UN-lucky!

The indvidual who scooped up those shares under $5 looked at the numbers and the future plan and saw value. Perhaps they were lucky? (not really.)

Lessons like this are all around us. We can learn something for sure. We can also be encouraged to “Hang in there” ourselves. Business will have its ups and downs.

For my newest book – I set out to categorize several principles/ideas that lead to lasting success (however you define it).

These principles can be applied to your business and personal life.

I’m happy to share with you – my newest book…

“Ain’t No Success Secrets, 47 Prosperity Principles Hidden In Plain Site” is just about ready.

Actually – the Kindle Version is ready.

Check it out – I think you’ll love it.

It was written for you – the person on a quest to do better.

I must also confess it was selfish project. I knew as I was setting out on my mission I would learn so much – and I did. The principles in this book are becoming the new “blue-print” and “standards” for our company. It’s reference guide (as Brian Tracy so kindly said in his cover endorsement).

Here’s the link to the Kindle version…

 “No Success Secrets”

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