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August 02, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Facebook will be updating all of us on Newsfeed next week.

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Why is this a big deal?

Because Newsfeed is the glue that holds Facebook together.

It’s where the entertainment, voyeurism and narcissism all converge to make Facebook the place where users spend on average of six hours plus per month. Imagine that, almost a whole work day every month on Facebook.

Perhaps Facebook will take a little bit of the mystery out of Newsfeed.

The common confusion I hear among biz owners is…

“How come such a small percentage of my ‘likes’ actually see my Facebook posts?”

The short answer is because they’re just not good enough.

Don’t take that the wrong way…

Mine are no better than yours. I’m no “social media guru.”

Most posts put out by businesses are not “good enough.”

The thing is the average Facebook user likes a ton of businesses and all kinds of stuff.

They have about 150 friends on average.

If the Newsfeed showed every user ALL of these posts, photos and information their brains would melt and they would never return to Facebook.

So then what’s the point of trying to accumulate more likes for your Facebook Business page?

Well – if you give up easily this would be a good reason to quit.

After all. What a bummer. All these likes and your stuff is not getting through.

But that’s where you’d be wrong.

The only thing the accumulation of likes does for you is…

A) Through simple volume more of your content will get through. Just a numbers game.

B) Having more “likes” will give you a chance to “re-target” ads directly to your likes.

And it is “B” where the true potential is.

“B” is where you have to brain storm a little.

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