Small Business Facebook Messenger Chatbot

November 02, 2016
Mike Dolpies

You might be one of them?

The 1 billion people that use Facebook Messenger.

Here’s what I’m seeing.

Messenger is NOT replacing the phone and will not any time soon.

Messenger is NOT replacing lead-gen and call to action forms to produce a lead from your website.


Messenger as far as consumers and btb communication with small business is on the rise.

In short…

Messenger is NOT the “new” lead generation – but (lot’s of buts I know) it is the new alternative response mechanism that gives folks another way to inquire and check you out.

Step one is to set up messenger for your business facebook page. (duh)

Step two is to then connect messenger to your website.

What we are doing this for ourselves and a couple of clients are also adding messenger to their sites.

Maybe we can do this for you?

We’ll still have a strong call to action. Still the phone number will be prominent. But… we’ll add the messenger as another way for folks to engage.


Then… the next step… three

Is to develop a custom Messenger Chatbot for each client.

This Chatbot responds to basic inquires and eventually drives the conversation to turning the chat into a lead and or/customer. It’s built with artificial intelligence so it learns as it goes.

The best part – There’s a trail of messages that is created so that you can step in and follow up or take over. And you get to see via Facebook the person you are talking to is real. This where most livechat programs are very flawed. Once you leave live chat… that’s it. Over.

Pretty cool stuff.

If you want to learn more – give me a shout.

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