The early truth about FB Graph Search

January 16, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Yesterday’s email and blog post covered a little bit about the new “Facebook Graph Search.”

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Now that it’s been a day it’s old news so let’s dive in a little more…

Facebook’s introduction of Graph Search yesterday opens up tons of new fun for users.

Everything from finding dates to answering the age old question… “So just what the heck have I been doing on Facebook anyway?”

But lets look at just a few things that will prove to be important for us small business owners.

The graph search will allow you to do some in depth research into the likes and interests of the users who “like” your page.

But if you cut through all of the clutter the real power is going to come in the actual search feature.

Without directly asking your friends you can find out what they like and what they might recommend.

This means a new way to search for trusted information and recommendations could go something like this…

“(Insert your type of business) that my friends in (your city/ town) like”

Now the search and discovery narrows down to businesses in your category that friends like.

One way to look at this is really obvious.

And that is…

If your Facebook Business Page has a following of targeted “likes” all of those likes have an average of 150 friends.

When a user searches via the graph in the way described above your page will show up .


The more targeted page likes you have the better off you will be.

The more reach you will have.

If no body likes you – no body will find you.

Take it further and get folks to check in regularly . A check-in will add another layer of social proof.

Action item…

The mission to build targeted page likes now becomes urgent.

The more people who like you the more people will find you.

Unless, you plan on hitting a”viral marketing” grand slam your page will most likely limp along unless you are strategic about building targeted likes.

The best way to build targeted page likes is with a solid Facebook Ads strategy.

You can test out Graph Search Here


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