Dot Sucks – Dot Panic – Dot Clarity

March 22, 2015
Mike Dolpies

It’s time to calm everyone down just a little. cyberspacetoyourplace

I’m here to help you out.

Not sure if you heard about this.

Last week it was announced a new domain extension – AKA – new “Top Level Domain” will be available… Dot Sucks. That means… a website address could be…

How about that? We really needed that domain extension, didn’t we?

How it works. Always follow the money.

I won’t bore you with the details. But there’s a non-profit group called ICAN. They issue and approve domain extensions.

A for-profit company can apply to have a new extension approved and then control the sale of the extensions. There are several layers before you get inspired by GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad and actually register the domain for yourself.

Get it? Either way.

Dot Sucks will be available soon and the company controlling it is gonna make a few bucks.

There’s a shit storm of panic because of the whole… “Someone will register a dot-sucks and bash your brand.”

The response should really be… “Whatever!” If some loser wants to buy “” let them. As David Rosen said in the last episode of Scandal, “extortion is illegal.”

Sadly. This form of “Domain Trolling” is really not illegal. Just shady.

What can you do? Rest easy. Do your thing. Keep blastin!

And remember… there are some really good new domain extensions out there for sale that you can snag up.

Example… We just registered a Dot-Pizza domain for a pizza shop. There are other domain extensions that can actually capture your business name. Let’s say your business is… “Joe’s Handyman Services.”

Well… Dot-Services is available. See how that works?

Some Dot-Clarity for You. Amen!

Next… Where to focus.

This past week – I heard a story from a great prospective client (in the home services business) about how his company lost out on a major project because their site was not up to speed.

Basically – the guy who was responsible for choosing the winning bid pulled up multiple sites from a few of the companies trying to win the business. Needless to say… one of the factors this person used to make the final decision was the web presence of the various bidders.

Focus on your web property. The domain extension madness will subside.


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