The Death of SEO

July 10, 2014
Mike Dolpies

A few very “Logical” Internet Marketing Updates.

Logic… that’s a good thing sometimes.

Last week I told you about Google getting into the domain selling business.

This means they will compete with Godaddy for the chance to be what we call a “domain registry.”

That’s where you buy a domain name.

Anyway… why? Because still 55% of small businesses do not have websites.

On to the exaggeration…

Over time there has been so much talk about “The Death of SEO.”


Here’s why.

The fact is…

MORE websites are coming online, now and in the next five years.

Sure – there will be more search engines… meaning… Google may NOT control 67% of search.

People will use other tools to “search” — YES.

But the reality… When MORE sites come online the need for search engine optimization increases.

More competition!

What has changed in SEO over the years?

The basics are extremely necessary. But no where near enough to get you to rank great in a completive market.

What else…

Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a must because adding fresh material to your site grows its authority.

Backlinks. Years ago… you could buy these things. Not anymore. Better off… just getting a few good links from some really great websites. And of course – good directories. We submit to 93 “high page rank” directories when we work with clients.

Other links…Perhaps an article or two written about you and your business via a local news source?

A hint … anytime any website…. Say like a local news source… does something about you… you MUST get them to link to you.

Reviews… a big deal. Google and Yelp still remain the best spot to get a review for your business.

Anyhoo… that’s it.

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