Content Marketing to Beat The Competition

January 10, 2016
Mike Dolpies

Forgotten? But helps you beat the competition.

I hope your 2016  – has gotten off to a strong start.

This week…

We wanta keep it simple and revisit an important topic when it comes to your online marketing.

It’s about the easiest way to keep your web presence fresh and up to date.

Keeping your  website fresh gives Google a reason to come back often and “crawl” the site.

New info/new pages adds depth to the site and gives Google another page to “index.”

I am talking about the easiest way to showcase your expertise.

The easiest way to publish news about your business.

And the one way… that makes these additions and content “live on.”

Side step…

See… I see businesses making the mistake of thinking they’re keeping things “fresh” by only keeping their Facebook Page up-to-date.


Fine… Keep your Facebook Page up to date.

The problem though with just adding content to your Facebook Page is…

  • Unless you have an ad budget most of that content does not get through. Trees in the forest.
  • Even if it does get through – it is blip on the screen of your ideal prospect.
  • Facebook content is NOT indexed by Google. So it has almost NO SEO value at all.
  • Facebook is not a search engine. So when someone is on Google looking to solve a problem – they are not going to find your stuff because it is on Facebook, not Google.

Again – I am not saying you should not be filling up your FB Page with content. You must.

But – the additional layer and how to one-up the competition is to curate some of your best content into a post on your “blog.” (On a regular basis)

This blog is part of your website. It shows your business is alive and kicking. It’s the king of Content Marketing.

In fact… done correctly… your business blog serves as a “press room” for your company.

Don’t neglect it.

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