The C.A.S. Formula for Online Reputation Success

February 15, 2015
Mike Dolpies

We’ll be talking more about online reputation from here and forever. online marketing reputation marketing

Why forever?

Because the impact and importance of your online presence and reputation is a major player in business success.

Reviews are read.

I’ve been dealing with online reviews…

As an author of six books.

As an owner of two different businesses.


As a coach and advisor to clients.

My experience now spans almost six years.

And I also do my best to leave reviews whenever I can. I sit on both sides of the coin.

An FYI: Over the next week I’ll be pulling back the curtain on an amazing tool to greatly enhance your online presence.

But for now… Let’s start this chatter by teaching you the C.A.S. formula for online reputation success…

The C.A.S. Formula for Online Reputation Success…

C: Culture.

Culture means two things. One… we live in a culture that trusts and values the opinions of others. These opinions are now all over the web in the form of “reviews.”

The “C” in our formula reminds to you to suck it up because this is not changing. It’s here to stay.

And you need to embrace the culture. Culture also means you make getting reviews and awareness of this culture part of your business.

A: Ask.

Have you ever heard of the news media statement…  “If it bleeds, it leads!”?  It is true. And a lot of media is sold and spread because of negativity. This sad truth is why the statistic about an un-happy person telling eleven people compared to a happy person telling just one or two is true.

Fact is… stuff happens, no one is perfect. Someone who is not happy will search for an outlet to “vent.” These outlets are easy to find online.

But you have to ASK and remind happy customers/clients to leave reviews. You just have to ask properly and ask often.

S: System.

The final letter in the formula stands for “System.” Nothing in your business will get done or be duplicable without a system.

A system for gathering positive feedback online is key.

Start with C.A.S.

A solid online reputation will be a major trump card over the competition.


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Mike Dolpies Mike Dolpies (aka Mike D.) owns “Ocean View Publishing, LLC” - a diverse media/Internet Marketing and Consulting Company. He started his first business when he was just 18 years old. By the time he was 23 that business had generated well over a Million Dollars in sales and was consistently in the top 20% of its industry. He's the Author of 6 different books. His first book, “Motion Before Motivation, The Success Secret That Never Fails,” became a bestseller on He's been a guest on the Fox Morning News several times and has been written about in many newspapers. His work has also appeared on and Fox