Black Hat SEO that Does NOT Work

July 03, 2017
Mike Dolpies

Black Hat

This has come up several times in the last couple of years.

It’s been directed at me in the form of a question from both prospects and clients.

A few times I was asked if I would be open to testing it. Other times I was asked what I thought…

The answer was… basically… “No, I would not test that black hat technique and here’s what I think.”…

In short… Black Hat SEO is the term for shady SEO tactics meant to trick Google.

The reality is… the jig is usually up at some point when Google shuts it down and penalizes your business so it is not even worth messing with.

What was I being asked about… recently…

And of course… my mind thought about this years ago.

We all know there are three ways to show up on page one of Google.
1- Ads.
2- In Local Results… maps… your office… etc.
3- Organic.

Some service companies were being sold a black hat strategy of registering bogus physical address in a bunch of local towns. The idea… game the local results and rank in that town because you want to do business in that town.

Now… I can see if you were gonna go rent some cheap office space or something. That would be legit. 

But registering a strangers address or heck… even a friend or client’s/ customer’s address as your biz address in that town is just not a good idea.

This stuff is no different than when black hat SEO people tried to game Google by creating “link farms” to artificially make their site seem more popular via these bogus back links. Google’s Panda and Penguin update handled this with wrath!

Google will eventually crackdown on this knucklehead tactic too. Be careful.

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