Amazon Phone

June 18, 2014
Mike Dolpies

It’s always fun to watch a big well-run company evolve.

There are always a few lessons for us lessor mortals who are trying to grow our own things.

Let’s highlight Amazon today.

By the way… If you have never read the book… “The Everything Store” – which is about the rise of Amazon I highly recommend it.


Today… as the story goes… Amazon will introduce their smartphone.

Would you consider an Amazon smartphone?

I’m not sure… maybe I will let you know in several months.

Yes… Amazon is entering some crowded space. They’re about to go head-to-head with Apple and Samsung.

But with so many loyal customers and tons of “Prime” members I am sure their mission is so much more than a fancy phone.

Who knows, maybe they can scoop up the remaining 40% of Americans who still own “dumbphones?”

A glimpse…

I would imagine the Amazon phone is really meant to be a personal shopper (eventually).

Amazon sells everything. In some markets they even sell groceries via “Amazon Fresh.”

No need to ever move to shop again… do it all from your phone.

All of Amazon’s devices are meant to be little cash-registers. This phone is no different.

Pay attention as this un-folds because there are lessons to learn.

Other news… worth sharing but no worth an entire post…

Yelp is adding a message function.

Now… all of those demanding “Yelpers” will be able to direct message your business through Yelp.

Have fun with that.


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