30 Million Trees in The Facebook Small Business Forest

June 04, 2014
Mike Dolpies

I was paying attention (As I always do – to some recent Facebook Small Business announcements.)

A few key-points.

1- My last number was waaaaayyy off. What I mean is a while back the latest number I had on the amount of small biz pages on Facebook was 10 million. Facebook updated that number… it’s now 30 million.

That means there are 30 million small businesses with Facebook Pages.

2- Facebook is Not Budging.

As always… Facebook has to deal with the back-lash of the diminishing reach that a Facebook Page has. Meaning – if you are lucky… your content will reach about 10% to 20% of your audience.

Facebook keeps hinting to the future when this number will be even less… maybe 2%?

The usual reason… The Facebook Newsfeed is for users to share and consume the content their friends put out.And in my own words… if you want to reach a Facebook User and get some return on your Facebook efforts… Ads are a Must.

Sorry… don’t shoot the messenger.

And my message… without an ad strategy… two things will always suffer…

1- You will never have the total audience your business is capable of having.

2- Your content will be like trees falling in the forest…because most of it will not be heard or consumed.

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