Word and Association Power in Marketing

September 02, 2012
Mike Dolpies

You might not like the example I give in this marketing tips article.

You might think you’re being duped. Or maybe I’m the fool and I’m the only one who actually assumed what I was getting actually came from Vermont and not New Jersey!

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have anything against New Jersey but when buying “Vermont Maid” breakfast syrup I really thought I was getting syrup made in Vermont.

Yes – I have the pure maple syrup in my fridge. A great benefit of living in New England.

But not everyone prefers the pure maple. So we always have an additional bottle of “breakfast syrup” on hand. You know the kind that is not really “made” from pure maple syrup but just tastes good on waffles, french toast and pancakes? Anyway…

I am not loyal to anyone one brand but I have been buying “Vermont Maid.”

Call me an idiot but when I made the split-second choice to buy “Vermont Maid” for the first time my crocodile brain told me… “That’s gotta be good syrup because it says Vermont on the label!” example of words in marketing

Too funny now that I think about it.

Yes – I know the difference between “made” and “maid” – DUH!

But my brain did not factor the meaning of the words into the buying process.

Maybe most won’t admit it, but I will. Who has time to really double and triple check a meaningless activity like buying syrup? I really screwed up on the “details!”

I like the syrup so I will continue to buy it. I am not mad!

But the lesson is in the power of words and context in marketing.

Words – “Vermont” = Good Syrup. “Maid” = Clearly represents via the picture an actual maid – but in this context makes you think “made.”

This syrup is “made” in New Jersey! The real brilliance is to associate a product with an assumption. 

The assumption and association – Good syrup and Vermont.

So what can you do to use words, context and association in your marketing?

Enjoy Your Pancakes!

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