Now is the time to get into the Content Marketing Game

March 11, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Years ago this did not matter…

Joe Pulizzi - Content Marketing World

Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing World (Photo credit: toprankonlinemarketing)

If you go back just ten years ago do you think you can find the term…

Content Marketing?

Not really. It existed but it was not a common marketing term.

The only business models that marketed content were media outlets… TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Book Publishers, Radio.

Who have I missed?

OH yes –

“Information Marketers.” These were (and still are) the folks selling “how to” courses.

Carlton Sheets, the made by TV, no money down real estate investing guru.

Let’s not forget the infomercial guy who told us all we can make tons of Benjamins by placing “tiny classified ads in newspapers.”

Those guys were the famous “info-marketers” but there were and still are countless companies selling newsletters and other information products.

Content Marketing has been around since the days of one individual willing to step up and say something worth saying.

The printing press took it to the next level.

For years – Content Marketing was limited to the few who had enough passion to say something or simply those who understood its power.

But now things are different. Much different.

Anyone and any company can be (and should be) in the content marketing game.

For a business it is really not just “an option” anymore.

Think about it.

Every customer, every client, every prospect… they all have a voice. Some of them can tell your story better than you. Others can not.

The question really is…

“Should the voice of your business be left to chance?”

No way!

The voice of your business should be well thought out via content marketing.

It should be strategic and on schedule.

Each effort put out via content marketing helps increase your chances of connecting with prospects.

Each piece of content marketing helps you with Search Engine Marketing.

Doesn’t it make sense to control which content about your business is found on the internet?

Action Items…

Content Marketing Delivery Mechanism

Content Marketing Schedule

Content Marketing Material

One of the best ways to start is with your business blog.

Take some action.

For help with content marketing check out our blog service.

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