Swimming in Leads Because of Content Marketing

June 12, 2013
Mike Dolpies

I have come across this story twice in the last few months.

English: A Private Swimming Pool

English: A Private Swimming Pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Purposely leaving out the details so I don’t “rehash” what’s already been “hashed.”

It goes like this…

There’s this swimming pool company that was doing relatively OK

They had a lot of “marketing” going on to help sustain business.

When the markets crashed and fear over-came the world back in late 2008 they ended up losing 250K in deposits because of canceled pool projects.


In the beginning of 2009 with minimal resources they were forced to cut their “traditional marketing.”

Without much to lose the company owner started “blogging.”

At first he was confused by the whole thing.

He figured blogging was all about keeping a “web diary” which really didn’t make sense to someone in the “pool business.”

But he kept an open mind and eventually through consistent content marketing his site became one of the most authoritative resources on the web for his industry.

Prospects found his content while doing research. His web traffic spiked and his conversations ( the prospects and clients who come from the web traffic) dramatically increased.

Now this company has more business than it can handle.

Good story. I gave you the Reader’s Digest version.

Key points…

I run into business owners and marketing managers all the time who feel the same way…

“What is this blogging thing? I’m not sure if that’s going to work for us?”

I think they picture some guy/girl in their pajamas revealing personal stories of life.

Or, maybe they’ve seen the movie… “Julie and Julia” where the gal makes a blog out of cooking every one of Julia Child’s recipes.

The problem really is the definition of blogging is too broad…

Yeep – it covers the guy in pajamas and the girl blogging about recipes.

And it also covers a KEY function of Content Marketing.

And that’s getting out relevant, timely and quality “NEWS” and information out about your business.

Ask yourself…

What’s new in my industry?

What has changed?

What’s coming in the future?

What do prospects need to know about these new developments?

How can I help my prospects?

What’s going on in my business that I can talk about?

In short – your blog for your business is “News!”

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