Social Media Marketing Lessons from Shaq

March 11, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Shaq’s Social Media Strategy…

Shaq… the iconic NBA star.

I remember his rookie year.

And jumping up with excitement when I got his “Rookie Card.”

I think I still have it somewhere?

Shaq’s got some great ideas when it comes to Social Media.

And sure… he’s super rich.

And yes… he’s got gazillions of followers across multiple social media channels.

But that’s no reason to just close your mind to his advice.

In fact… Shaq is a self-proclaimed tech-geek.

In a recent interview here’s the strategy he revealed…

Most of his effort goes toward humor.

(Pause! – Mike Speaking… Be careful with humor. It’s not for everyone. But the good news is Social Media could be very forgiving. Meaning… so what… you mess up. You learn from it and tell a better joke next time.)

Back to Shaq…

Another percentage of his effort goes toward inspiration.

Can he show you something to motivate or inspire you. To lift you up. That’s his goal.

Shaquille O'Neal

Cover of Shaquille O’Neal

Last… about 10% of his efforts are meant to sell you something.

Of course… different world for Shaq. He’s got his endorsement deals and his own stuff to sell you.

Like anything… this is NOT your recipe for social media success.

This is Shaq’s social media marketing recipe.

Take some of the ingredients and do your own thing.

Did you know… 70% + of internet users with real dinero to spend use Facebook?

Did you know 85% of marketers and big businesses feel Facebook is important to marketing?

(compared to just 6% who think Tumblr is important.)

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