Small Business Saturday Marketing Ideas

November 23, 2012
Mike Dolpies

This post might end up being a “coulda- woulda-shoulda.” But who knows there might still be time to implement these ideas.

Small Business Saturday has really gained a lot steam and buzz over the last few years.

Small Business Saturday, after Edward Hopper

Small Business Saturday, after Edward Hopper (Photo credit: Mike Licht,

Small Business Saturday follows Black Friday. It’s a chance for smaller businesses of all kinds (not just retailers!) to tap into the growing number of consumers who are fed up with big chain stores and all of the Black Friday hype. A chance to remind everyone that independent business drives us and – yes – you might (in some cases) pay a few bucks more – but the personal connection is worth it!

Why not think about the following Small Business Saturday Marketing ideas…


Get a key-worded blog posted up about how your business is participating in Small Business Saturday. Use the keywords… “(Your Town) Small Business Saturday Sales” and a few others. Work them into a fun blog post. Perhaps your post will be indexed by Google in time for those searching. You can also…


Do a Google Adwords Campaign for those same keywords. You can drive the clicks to your blog post or any other quality landing page with an offer and call to action.


Email Marketing: If you’ve been smart about building, working and growing your prospect and customer email list what a great time to go directly to them. Your email should assume your prospects are also being bombarded with offerings from the big stores. Perhaps an email that says… “Hey! I know you’re drowning in Black Friday email specials, but here’s something more fun…” If you have not been building an email list – now’s the time to start.


Text Message Marketing: I’ll admit, this one is not right for every type of business. But it is similar approach to tip number three. You’ll just have to keep it pithy and be sure you also link to a mobile site.


Facebook Buzz: If you’ve been using Facebook Ads Marketing to build up a targeted group of “Likes” what a good time to get some updates out with fun photos about what you’re doing for Small Business Saturday. You can also do a targeted Facebook Ads campaign for Small Business Saturday.


Mobile Marketing: Some of your Small Business Saturday prospects will be “on the go.” They might be searching for near-by deals and events. They’ll have their smartphone in hand. This is good time to serve up a mobile optimized website.

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