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September 15, 2013
Mike Dolpies

“Part of This Complete Breakfast”

Bowl of Honeycomb cereal

Bowl of Honeycomb cereal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One morning last week my girls decided on Cocoa Puffs.

When ever they eat a cereal – I also ate as a kid, it always brings back memories.

This time for some reason I was reminded of the famous tag-line heard at the end of most cereal commercials back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

“___ Is Part of This Complete Breakfast.”

One thing we have tried to teach the girls is to be mindful of “types of foods.”


Cereal for Breakfast = carbs. (and not the best carbs either!) The next snack needs to be some fresh fruit and some protein. (cottage cheese and grapes.)

Keep it simple – ya know!

I prefer they eat eggs for breakfast but the girls do win the “variety” battle a few days a week.

I told them how years ago the advertisements showed cereal, juice along with a side of toast and called it a “Complete Breakfast.”

Complete “Carb Overload” – is what cereal with a side of toast really is!

We talked about how as time progresses new things are discovered.

People become more informed, etc.

And that’s why cereal companies don’t really push the whole “Complete Breakfast” thing much anymore.

Things Change.

And no where is there more change than in the world of Internet Marketing for Your Business.

So much has changed in just the last three years.

Did you know…

Since May of 2010 overall internet usage is up 93%!

Mobile Devices Have Caused the Number to Skyrocket.

And it’s not done yet! Smartphones will drive the number higher as we close in on 60% of all phones being smartphones.


85% of Consumers Do Research Online or Local Services.

1.1Billion + People around the world are on Facebook.

699 Million are active daily users.

Yet – Just 13% of Small Businesses post daily on Facebook

Just like the “Complete Breakfast” – The key with Internet Marketing for your business is to take the facts and evolve with them.

I had a somewhat alarming conversation with someone the other day.

Long Story Short…

It was really clear much of his online marketing hasn’t change since 2007.

There was also a little “miss-information” floating around his mind.


Thinking that a “Key-Worded Domain” really means much these days. (It doesn’t).

A key-worded domain is like… (Yourtown-yourservice – dotcom)

Don’t get me wrong – the guy making these mistakes is a really sharp operator.

I always enjoy speaking with him.

I know he’ll turn it around with the right guidance.

Hopefully he’ll allow us to help him.

Just stay on your toes.

Like the “Complete Breakfast” things change online – only faster.




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