Secrets to Developing Business and Marketing Skills

August 05, 2012
Mike Dolpies

Here’s something I love.

It’s simple.

It’s effective.

It works.

Yet – too few actually apply it.

Something truly amazing….

You can learn or acquire just about any skill you need or want to develop.

Any area of improvement you’re looking to make in your business usually requires you to learn, develop or hire out a certain skill.

Instead of keeping this broad and vague, let me give you an example so you can relate and then implement what I’m talking about.

It has to do with marketing.

When I first stared doing Facebook Ads in 2010 I was really bad. I actually sucked at Facebook Ads.

My ads wouldn’t work.

One out of two would not get approved.

I wasted money.

I wasted time.

It was frustrating.

I had two choices.

Either hire a “Facebook Ads Manager” (I am now the “Hired Facebook Ads Manager for a Few Clients”) or figure this out.

For me the choice was easy. Figure it out!

Why? Well… I’m in the Internet Marketing world. And even though I do not consider myself a “Social Media Expert” (others do!) it was imperative that I develop a skill set to leverage Facebook. After all… where the eye-balls are is where marketing skills can serve you well!

Plus – there was no way I was going to give up.

So I made notes of what did not work.

I made a list of questions I wanted answers to.

Then, I began to read and research.

At the time there were not that many books on the topic. But I gathered up the ones that were out there.

In all of my technology marketing publications I read and keep up with there is usually something about Facebook in all of them on a daily basis. I stayed current as things changed.

All the while I was IMPLIMENTING what I was learning. I kept testing and tweaking.

And then, it started to work.

The ads began to really, really pay off.

My most recent tests of any new Facebook Ads feature have had a high success rate.

Of course, I still strike out. But I keep learning.

8 months ago, (only after I had gotten good by putting my own ad dollars on the line) I started to do this work for clients. I love it.

The fact is this method can be applied to just about any business skill!

And better news. Even if you don’t want to develop a skill because it is outside of your scope of desired activities or real passions you can hire it out. Good example is when a business hires us to help them manage their Facebook Ads.

And my Shameless Plug…

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