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January 23, 2013
Mike Dolpies

It’s time we clarify the whole “Should I Really Have an APP? – I mean REALLY?” question.

My iPhone apps as of February 2010

My iPhone apps as of February 2010 (Photo credit: dougbelshaw)

Yes – I have answered this one before. And since you’re being persistent about it – let’s look at it another way.

Let’s think about what role mobile apps are playing and going to play in marketing.

The questions really evolve, don’t they?…

“Should I really do email marketing?”

“Should I really get a website?”

“Should I really get a Mobile Website?

“Should I really do this Facebook and Social Media?”

“Should I really do this whole SEO thing?”

You’ve answered some of those right?

The fact is mobile apps can be one more pillar that holds up your marketing.

We’re working on our Mobile App right now.

(Point of Clarity: Mobile Apps and Mobile Sites are NOT The Same Thing!)

Our mobile app will be simple. It will be content driven. And it will mainly be for you.

See – some apps are really going to just serve your current clients, customers or members and that’s OK! Apps can serve your prospects too depending on how you position the app.

What an App will give you is another form of direct communication via something we call “Push Notifications.”

We can enable an APP to send “Push Notifications” – something we can not yet do with a “Mobile Website.”

Yes – you might be annoyed by those frequent “pings” you get from your mobile device. Be mad at yourself because you granted the app permission to send you those notifications.

When you boil it down – the one key benefit of your mobile app will be “Push Notifications.”

If you keep the rest of it simple you can keep development costs down.

If you decide to have an app made – it does not need to tap into the GPS and location features of the device. It does not have to enable photo sharing. It can simply be a content/update driven app that serves as a direct line of communication with your peeps.

I hope this article clarifies the whole “app” thing a little more.

Before you go – think about the list above….

“Web – Email – SEO – Mobile – Facebook”

If you’re not up to speed with those it would not be an idea to do a “Mobile App.”

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