The Key to Powerful Marketing Content

October 28, 2012
Mike Dolpies

It’s sad to say it.

But I come across some really BAD online marketing content each and every week.

Am I being arrogant here? NO!

Am I saying “my content” is the best? NO!

But when we run these “48 Point Internet Marketing Inspections” we look at content.

It’s amusing too…

Some business owners are “itching” when they come to us because their websites are not found in the search engines.

Of course, this makes them angry because their competition is being found over them.

They want our help with “SEO!” And yes we can help with SEO.

Most of the time our 48 Point Inspection reveals some very basic SEO issues like “Alt Tags” – “Title Tags” and “Local SEO” problems.

But 9 out of 10 times there’s also a “content problem.”

It was Bill Gates that said it years ago… “Content is King.” And the richest dude in the world is still right!

Yes – the propeller heads on our team can fix the technical SEO problems. BUT, content is still king and must be fixed too.

Being able to generate good content starts with you stepping back or you hiring someone who can take a different look at your business.

It must be seen from the “prospect’s” eyes. It must be done from a strong position of EMPATHY.

Your website content has to serve you, YES, but it also can’t be “self-serving.”

What is in it for the prospect?

Why should they care about your product page, service page, about page, home page, etc?

Once you talk to them from their side of the table your content must let them know what the next step is.

Most sites, even with good content, fail at the call to action.

There’s a lot to this “online marketing stuff!” Get your content in order and start there.

To see where your content stands grab the “48 Point Check Up” and be ready for the truth.

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