Productivity Can Be Messy

December 02, 2012
Mike Dolpies

My typical Saturday morning starts with a trip down-stairs to the mini home gym.

Jamie leaves to teach Zumba around 7:30. Julia and Marissa usually wake up while I’m about halfway through my workout.

When I come up I announce to them what I’ll be making for breakfast and let them know I’ll call them when it’s ready.

This past Saturday pancakes were on the menu.

I had know idea what they were up to but I saw them going in and out of the office. Grabbing tape, paper, the stapler and anything else they needed. As a good dad I should have asked what they were doing but I didn’t – I trust them!

I called them in for breakfast and they devoured the pancakes, a couple pieces of sausage and washed it down with some milk. Quickly they ran back into the TV room.

At this point I grabbed my second cup of coffee and let them know I was gonna fire up my laptop to check on a few work things.

As I was doing a little work I heard constant arguing, They were screaming and yelling at one another. Bickering like sisters do. Honestly, it’s not a big deal. My parenting style is to let then sort out disagreements. I figure it this way…

Disagreements, bickering, arguing and trying to get your point across are a reality of life. Better learn when you’re young how to work things out.

And work things out they did. After all the back and forth banter the end result were two wonderful, home-made Christmas decorations. I was really impressed. I asked… “You two made these this morning?” “Yes, daddy!” was their reply.

I went into the TV room and saw the evidence all over the floor. The scraps of paper, the UN-used supplies. Everything required for a successful end product.

I realized the bickering, the back and forth, the temporary disagreements and the mess were all in the name of “productivity.”

That’s the truth…  Productivity Tips

Productivity can be messy. Success will be bumpy. You’ll bump heads and clash view points. You’ll disagree with the people you work with. That’s not important. What’s important is that relationships stay strong and focused. What’s important is keeping your eyes on the goal.

A little tears did not hold back reaching the goal. They set out to create something. They acted on their idea. And yes, they made a mess. They clashed. But in the end they were productive and successful. I guess they take after their parents.


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