People Energy and Your Business

December 30, 2012
Mike Dolpies

When you run a small business you need ENERGY!

Whether it’s the “day to day” operations or the important duty of marketing – it’s an up and down ride that requires energy. Lot’s of energy!

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  • Thought Energy
  • Idea Energy
  • People Energy
  • Creative Energy

The list goes on.

But out of the entire list – “People Energy” is the key factor.

Whether you’re a one-man/woman-band or have a big team – people will either generate energy for you or take it from you.

Co-workers, employees, vendors and anyone you deal with will affect your energy.

The right co-workers can boost your energy and help you generate great ideas. Great ideas acted on will pump out more energy.

But the opposite is also true. The wrong co-workers will zap energy. The wrong co-workers might cut your idea-generation ability down dramatically. The wrong co-workers can zap enthusiasm if ideas are not acted on. Be careful!

Getting cooperation from business associates is key too…

Example… We frequently do Mobile Websites for clients. Since we can do a mobile site for just about any business – we often do them for businesses where we did not do the main website. Most of the time we get the information we need to complete the project and “install the mobile site.” But there’s a project pending right now where the “web-person” just refuses to cooperate. She does not return calls and has basically held the whole project up at the one yard line.

The fact is our fee to do this mobile site did not cover us having to “chase this woman down” for the information we need. This is an example of a huge energy suck! I am confident that we will wrap this up – but it has been a pain the butt! You have to plan for situations like this. The more prepared you are the less energy you’ll expend.

Your clients and customers can give you energy or take it away. When there is a meaningful back and forth between clients and providers you end up with energy. Without it the energy drains and nothing much gets accomplished. Sadly – one blames the other. In truth – they might both be at fault.

How to Control Energy…

The best advice I have for you is not Earth-shattering. It is simple. B-Y-O-E. It stands for Bring Your Own Energy! If you do your best to bring your own energy to the table you’ll have more to give to those who can give some back. You’ll also have more to keep when others try to take it from you!

I wish you the best for 2013 and hope it’s a year full of positive energy for you!


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