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February 12, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Have you been thinking about online video marketing?

Marketing Viral

Marketing Viral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe going “Viral?”

The thought of a viral hit is a big lure – but the reality is going viral is not so simple.

If you have been thinking about Online Video Marketing – how long have you been thinking about it? Too many business owners get stuck – just thinking and not doing.

Hopefully this blog post can help clarify a few ideas for you and help you spring into action. The goal here is to help you change your thinking a little bit so online video marketing is not such a mystery anymore.

Please remember not to TRY to go viral. I once heard the secret of going viral is “not trying to go viral.” What ever that means. I guess if you try too hard to go viral you’ll end up shooting yourself in the foot. It is true that some bigger companies have the resources to set out and achieve a viral mission – you most likely do not. Your game plan is much simpler…

Often the most productive use of video is going to be enhancing your website sales and informational pages. Right now you have content that includes; text and images that make up certain pages of your website. With a little help you can take that content and create an effective and very informative sales video.

Another hold up (and I have had this one too) is this whole idea of how “professional” should the video be? Let’s face it – the most professional video is going to come from the “professionals.” But there are several levels in between. Sometimes it is totally fine to record a “quick tips” video with your hand-held or your iPhone camera.

I have experimented with several different video formats. From creating “sales videos” to recording testimonials from clients with my Flip cam to “cartoon-like” videos.

What I have learned is the context of the video will determine the level of “professionalism” you should use. For sales pages and a little enhancement to your Search Engine Optimization the video sample below that we produced for this client does not “break the bank” but gets the job done. It enhances the sales message in a fun way.

If your objective and context is to create a video that helps you inform and persuade – go as professional as your budget will let you.

If you just want to have a “front porch” conversation and post a video on your blog – you will be forgiven if you don’t include spectacular effects and all the bells and whistles of a professional production. Again – it is context and your goals that matter most.

You just have to start. If you don’t get started you will never experience the benefits of video marketing…

  • Rapport Building
  • Enhancement of Your Marketing Message
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Competitive Edge

If you want some help or have some questions comment below or reach out.



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