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August 23, 2012
Mike Dolpies

As I’m typing this the family and I are on a short family vacation.

We’re down in Ocean City, NJ. Why? Well according to its “branding statement” Ocean City is “America’s Greatest Family Resort.” Only the best for us of course!

Being from Philly I am very familiar with the area. Julia and Marissa love it. A nice finish to our “North East Road Show” this summer.

Some Questions are Still UN-Answered…

Why is it no matter where you go or where you stay the shower is never just right?

It’s either hard to get the water temp how you want it or the water pressure makes it almost impossible to rinse the shampoo out of your hair.

Why do people stare at you at make comments when you’re walking down the boardwalk with an over-sized pizza box that contains at 28 inch pizza?

mike dolpies internet marketing expert with big pizza box

The 28 Inch Pizza Box

We’ll never know!

OK – Down to Business…

Purposely – I did not set an email auto-responder to let the world know I would not be available.

Working is Great. Jamie doesn’t mind. And she’s also returning the occasional email. She even stopped to see a customer who is beta-testing one of her products.

The thing is…

You can still make things happen when you’re not “around.”

You can move deals forward.

You can answer client and customer questions.

You can drive your team forward.

You can send emails out to your list.

Your website can still generate leads.

Your organic Search Engine Marketing is still working for you.

Your Google Adwords are still driving clicks.

Your Facebook Ads are still getting impressions and “likes.”

You can get a few status updates to your Facebook Business page via your mobile.

(I did slack on this one!)

You can log in to your blog and get a post up.

If you plan ahead you can get all kinds of marketing technology to work for you while you are away.

There are so many things you can do to market your business even if you are not there. I would not recommend you stay away too long though. Your business needs you!

The key is to understand that it’s a good idea to keep your business in motion even when you are “taking a break.” As an entrepreneur and small business owner let me remind you it’s OK.

There’s nothing wrong with your burning desire for success!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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