Managing Your Marketing for Online Changes

June 18, 2012
Mike Dolpies

I know you hear it all the time…

“The world online is constantly changing!”

Yes – there’s a ton of truth to that but still no need for you to have “fear” or be scared. You certainly shouldn’t make any decisions based on “fear.”

That’s why they call it “emotional direct response marketing.” LOL!

Anyway…You can squash any fear of the un-known simply by staying “up to date.”

Decisions are made based on information. Information based on “Facts” is really the only type of

info you should base a decision on.


Good!Here are some facts…

  1. The average Internet user made 4 more visits to the internet in March of 2012 compared to March of 2011.Conclusion: Internet use per person is up. They’re online more often. You gotta step up your game.
  2. Average minutes per visitor grew 9% year over year.Conclusion: They spend more time online
  3. Pintrest is the fastest growing social media site. It grew more than 4000% in a year. Facebook grew only 4%.Conclusion: Pintrest is the “shiny object.” But the facts are… It still really has no business model. It easier to grow 4000% when you are new rather than when you are established like Facebook. Fact is Facebook has data that can be used for you to market your business.
  4. Mobile internet usage will pass “traditional” internet usage by 2014. There’s been a 47% increase in Smartphone users year over year. 45.6% of the U.S. population has a smartphone.Conclusion: This trend is un-folding exactly as predicted. More people accessing the web via mobile. The first step is surely a mobile website. is the place to get one.

Source: comScore. I hope these facts help!

No time like the present to get your ass in gear with all things internet marketing related.

To see where you stand and if your internet marketing is on point with 48 winning strategies visit…

These “winning strategies” are not “opinion” either. They are cold, hard facts.

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