Joe Girard Salesman Marketing Secrets

June 09, 2013
Mike Dolpies

I was thinking about this guy lately…

Joe Girard.

Girard is the only retail sales-person to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

He sold something like 1200 cars per year.

Chevy’s! Face to face and belly to belly. No fleet or bulk orders.

I first heard of him about twelve years ago during a Zig Ziglar seminar.

Over the years I read a few of his books.

When you study Girard’s work you’ll note one of his secrets was…

“Frequent Contact!”

His main driver of business was to send postcards to his customers once a month … FOREVER!

WOW is right! That’s a whole lot of mail.

His cards were simple greeting cards. They just showed up. The cards didn’t sell anything… but they sold the most important thing… HIM!

Over the years I have applied a few of his ideas to our own mail campaigns.

I guess he popped into my mind recently for two reasons…

One… we are constantly re-thinking and brain-storming our marketing and the marketing of our clients.

We’ll be doing some “Girard Style” stuff in the near future.

Two… I just ordered some new business cards. Guess what Girard used to do with his business cards…

Throw them around the stands at Detroit Tigers’ games!

He was a constant and genuine self-promoter.

You can use those two ideas… (Just don’t litter with your business cards!).

And I bet if Girard were selling cars now he’d be one of the few car people who would use email marketing correctly. Yeep – I bet he’d have an email and a direct mail program going on to drive business.

Lastly… My greatest Joe Girard take-away…

Recent – Frequent – Relevant…


In all you do think about how you can be…

Recent (so your fresh in their mind).

Frequent (because good prospects RESPECT your staying in touch).

Relevant (do your best to be helpful, fun or both).

That’s it for now.

More another time.

Make it a great week!

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