Jersey Shore Suspects to Prospects With Facebook

May 21, 2012
Mike Dolpies

When I make my rounds speaking I usually let people know I’m originally from Philly. Being from Philly I’ve spent a good deal of summer weekends at the Jersey Shore. Most of that time took place when I was in my late teens through my early 20’s. A few in the audience and a few folks I’m connecting with sometimes ask me… “was it anything like “Jersey Shore?” Of course they’re referring to the reality TV show.

I’ll confess that I have taken a few peaks at the show over the years. I don’t watch it though. My curiosity was sparked because of the time I’ve spent on the Jersey Shore myself.

The daily agenda at the shore was to go the beach during the day. Then a nap. After the nap it’s time to get ready for the night. Heavy drinking and partying at a local bar or club was the only option.

Suspects to Prospects…

As you can imagine the greatest public safety threat was drinking and driving. But the local police had a really simple method for narrowing down their drunk driving “suspects.”

In marketing a “Suspect” is someone you think would be a good fit for your service/product. You just don’t know if they’re interested. But once you offer them something of value and they decide to “come in to your world” they become a “prospect.” So how did the Jersey Shore cops get their DUI suspects?

They used a few different color chalk marks on the tires of cars parked in the bar/club lot. On any given night there could be tons of different cars with some tires marked in white, some in yellow, etc. The color codes were based on the hour your car arrived at the lot.

If you showed up at 7pm and were marked with white chalk you were a “drunk driving suspect” at 12AM. If they wanted to – I guess they could pull you right over as soon as you came out of the lot. From there your level of “interest” (how intoxicated) you looked would determine if you moved from “Suspect to “Prospect.”

In marketing you should do this all the time. You’re constantly looking to move suspects to prospects. The good news is with a little work – your prospect will end up making a purchase. The purchase at the Shore for the foolish drunk driver is a hefty fine and jail time.

Any savvy business owner is always out there “chalking tires.” They’re always out to make some offers to “suspects” so they can move them along the marketing line.

That’s why I love Facebook Ads. You can target exactly the suspects you want. The ones that would make good prospects and eventually quality clients. Facebook Ads help you reach the right suspects using their interests, likes, demographic and geographic information to your advantage.

The right message at the right time with a highly targeted Facebook Ad can begin filling your funnel with prospects as much as the “Jersey Shore” is filled with partying and drama.

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