Google Hummingbird Change

October 23, 2013
Mike Dolpies

In the last month or so Google announced another Search Algorithm change…

English: The Google search homepage, viewed in...

English: The Google search homepage, viewed in Google Chrome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Google Hummingbird.”

We’ll leave out all the tech speak and just use one word to describe the change…



The Google Hummingbird Update is all about “Conversational Search Queries.”

Up until this update Google would get rid of certain words in searches.

Words that contextually did not signal any intent.

Google would then return results based on the intent of the main keywords.

Back to “Speak.”

The uptrend in “Mobile Search” is what prompted Google to make this update.

Most mobile search queries are spoken.

Google Hummingbird is about Google understanding things from a conversational side.

What does this mean for Search Marketing?

I would say… not too much just yet.

But as more and more searches shift to mobile and spoken words – making your site valid for those conversational searches will come into play.



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