Google Favoring Responsive Design and an End to Mobile Marketing Craziness

September 26, 2013
Mike Dolpies

All the stats are out there.

English: Survey on a mobile phone

English: Survey on a mobile phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I’m sure if you’ve been paying attention the last couple of years by now you get it…

Smartphones and Tablets have been responsible for a 93% increase in overall internet usage in the last three years.

So maybe it’s me… but the term “Mobile Marketing” is not much of “buzz word” anymore.

Could be “The curse of knowledge.”

One definition of the curse of knowledge is when you “know something” it basically becomes boring to you.

Beyond boring – here’s a reality check…

We’re about 55% on smartphone penetration.

34% of American adults own tablets.

Action Steps…

If you are planning a website “redesign” I would recommend you use “Responsive Design.”

That’s when one version of your website conforms (but it must be done right) to each screen.

If you don’t plan on redoing your website anytime soon or you already have a “mobile version” of the site in place (that’s when a different version of the site is shown to smartphone visitors) go with – or simply keep the mobile version.

Either way, you’ll be making sure smartphone visitors get a nice experience.

Other Mobile Marketing ideas to consider…

In recent changes to Google Adwords it has become clear Google is no longer separating the desktop and mobile world. Google is looking at the convergence of the two even if the rest of us are not.

Roomer has it Google is favoring “responsive design.” This would make sense considering their recent Adwords changes.

Speaking of Google Adwords…

It is becoming more and more obvious Adwords is going to be extremely important in our mobile world. When it comes to mobile search, Adwords ads take up most of the screen.


A nice mobile experience on the web is for prospects.

Apps for small businesses are meant to engage current clients/customers.

Businesses that want to increase visits and consumption can use an app as another way to connect.

Membership organizations can use apps to boost retention.

OK – that’s it for now.

A simple look at “Mobile Marketing” to make life easier.

More information on Mobile Apps Right Here…

Mobile Apps for Your Small Business



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