Foursquare Marketing Ads on Check In

July 18, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Foursquare wants to tell you which beer to drink!

An actor dressed as Captain Morgan at the 2007...

An actor dressed as Captain Morgan at the 2007 Scream Awards. Captain Morgan were sponsors of the event. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you care about Foursquare? Even if you don’t – there’s a lesson here.

Did you know Foursquare has begun rolling out “ads.”

Think of it like this…

You check-in to a bar and you get an ad from a beer company. Or maybe from Captain Morgan if it’s me checking in!

Something else about Foursquare.

They are trying like heck to build a business and prove their “model” can work.

Rumor has it they do about 2 mill in gross per year.

But guess what…

They just raised 40 mill to continue operating.

That’s right – some VC’s just gave them 20 years worth of gross revenue!

Profitable? No way.

You’re biz is more profitable!

I bet they get bought out by another company.

The lesson?

When putting your energy into social media channels having some info about what is happening behind the scenes can really help.

Meaning – with the above info its easy to see that Foursquare is on thin ice.

That’s why I am still stubborn when it comes to social media.

Stubborn about where I spend my time and the resources of clients.

Facebook still has a strong-hold.

The first step to getting all you can from Facebook is to bulk up on targeted Page Likes.


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