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April 23, 2013
Mike Dolpies

I learned from Brian Tracy…

the fact factory [website link]

the fact factory [website link] (Photo credit: the|G|™)

The difference between Facts and Problems…

“Facts just ARE while Problems can be solved, ignored, manipulated or put off.”

I learned from Bill Glazer…

“The most important consideration in marketing is the Who… meaning… WHO is your prospect?

This post combines these two pieces of wisdom.

With so many options when it comes to Social Media the FACTS and the WHO can help your game plan.

I am purposely talking about “lesser-known” platforms here. Reason: It is usually the lesser-known platforms that create a distraction for business owners and smaller companies.

At times, when there is nothing else to talk about or things start to seem old – it is common that “gurus” will shout from the roof-tops about some new great thing.

Yea, yea, yea!

Perhaps you should actively choose NOT to be on certain platforms?

Here are some FACTS and some WHO on Social Media…

Twitter: Recent data shows 16% of all web users are on Twitter.

Ages 18-29 are the largest demographic segment represented.

Twitter is more popular with folks in cities compared to rural areas.

Pinterest: Stands at about 15% of all web users. Women ages 18-49 make up most of the folks on Pinterest. Pinterest has the largest “Gender Gap” of all Social Media platforms.

Seems like Pinterest is for women.

Instagram: Appeals more to African-Americans and Hispanics than it does to whites. More women than men (but not the huge gap like Pinterest). Audience seems to skew younger. Urban more than rural.

I am not on Instagram. It took off as a mobile photo-sharing app. It was purchased by Facebook about a year ago.

Tumblr.: I heard it said that teens establish their Facebook accounts because everyone is there. Plus, Facebook is where their parents think they are – HOWEVER, they’re actually over on Tumblr doing their thing. Tumblr’s user-base is small compared to other platforms. Popular among younger internet users. Self-expression and sharing only with those who match in interests seems to the the attraction of Tumblr.:

Then we have… LinkedIn and Youtube. I am not an expert on either one.

LinkedIn tells me I have a great profile. I have used it to get connected and stay connected with some people. LinkedIn is THE professional social networking site and will be for many years to come.

Youtube… While you can follow people, subscribe to channels, comment and rate videos – IMHBAO Youtube is NOT really a social site. From the start it was really a site to “broadcast yourself.” Upload videos to get a message out. Youtube can also help you with SEO.


Facebook: Really? Do I have to go into detail? Let’s just say everyone is on Facebook. Facebook has the most info on its users compared to any Social Site.

Facts and Who of Facebook…

All demographics are represented and can be found via targeting.

The first part of any business strategy on Facebook is to decide if “building page likes” for your business page makes sense. Once that choice is made.. get going.

Be sure you check out the video I put together on Why You Should Target More Page Likes.


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