Facebook Might Have Another Secret

October 06, 2013
Mike Dolpies

The truth is…facebook direct mail

Facebook has many secrets.

Here’s one I might have stumbled upon the other day.

One that I really haven’t heard anyone talking about.

I’m one of the many 100’s of millions of users who really hasn’t bothered to do much “profile tweaking.”

Most of my settings are the same as when I joined Facebook back in 2007.

The other day as I was putzing around I noticed a spot where Facebook will gladly accept some additional data on you.

In fact, in my humble opinion, this little bit of new data they are asking you for could be more valuable than other data gems they’ve been collecting for years.

This piece of data can tie just about everything together.

It can give us the ability to target even more relevant ads to users.

And heck, it can also give Facebook a powerful addition to what they can offer a business.

What I’m talking about is Facebook asking for a real physical address.

That’s right… Facebook wants to know where you live.

The place where you can get real physical mail.

Before you get too excited or angry, let’s chat…

I doubt the majority will give Facebook this info.

But for the small numbers of users who will – you can imagine…

More precise geo-targeting

The ability to pin-point users near your location.

And… Gasp…

Facebook might be able to sell you an actual mailing list.

A list of people who live in your target geography and fit the profile of your best clients/customers.

Pure speculation at this point … but something to think about.

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