Facebook Promoted Post Test

August 13, 2012
Mike Dolpies

This is not one of Facebook many recently new features. But it is worth mentioning again here.

It is especially worth your testing.

The promoted post feature is meant for you to make sure your update reaches your audience and beyond.

The fact is most of your status updates are not seen by your “fans.”

The truth is most business pages DO NOT reach more than 20% of their fans with their content.

Unless – you want to pay.

My tests show Promoted Posts are worth it! facebook marketing promoted post

One test generated more than 22 opt-in leads for about $20. That’s less than $1 per generated lead!

Another test received more than 50,000 impressions for $15.

Then, there where several base hits in between.

Facebook is constantly evolving and all accounts show they are really committed to innovative tools for businesses.

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