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August 01, 2012
Mike Dolpies
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Not everyone knows about this and it won’t roll out for a few weeks.

It’s called…

“Page Post Targeting Enhanced”

Page Admins target their posts to segments of fans with certain genders, ages, Likes, and other characteristics.

So picture that…

You can basically “segment” your followers.

You can reach them by location, gender, what they like and more.

This thing is still new so only testing will tell how it will work.

At first glance – it seems like a winner!

Let’s say a certain amount of your “Fans” are parents. Well, you can reach them with a specific post.

These are exactly the constant innovations I said would be coming last week during my TV appearance.

The key really is to understand how Facebook Ads work.

Done right – we use ads to accumulate “Page Likes” (among other things).

We can target those who we want to “like us” and now we can further reach them with relevant content.

It starts with an understanding of Facebook’s Powerful Ads Platform.

That’s what my new, book… “Don’t Suck At Facebook Ads! Get This Book, How to Get a Flood of New Clients and Customers By Leveraging The World’s Largest Social Network,” is all about.

You can get more details, get the book and hold a spot for some webinar training here…

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