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January 22, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Better get your camera out amigo…

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More Faceboook Newsfeed Changes

This was just made public…

Facebook is making more changes to their newsfeed.

They are always tweaking the newsfeed.

In fact… the newsfeed is what makes Facebook stick.

Users are compelled to check it.

So here’s the scoop…

It affects both “Business Pages” and Personal Accounts.

Interestingly enough…

On the personal side…

Facebook favors text-based posts.

Meaning – write it up and forget the pic but who cares.

Facebook says your friends are more likely to share and engage.

On the other hand…

Business Pages…

Facebook says they will continue to do their best to keep your “text only” posts OUT of the newsfeed.


Because the numbers show when a business/brand posts images engagement goes up.

Users are happier.

And what does Facebook care about… Happy Users.

One of my FB clients had 14 shares on an image we posted the other day.

Not too bad – but the point… If we did not do the image – no way would there have been 75 Likes and 14 shares on the status update.

Putting out content that people will like and share is a good goal.

Take some action when it comes to Facebook… there’s still tons of business there.

Or, just keep doing what you’re doing.

If you want some help on Facebook we do have 2 openings for Facebook Clients.

In a nutshell …

We work on Gaining more “Targeted Likes” and then producing and guiding content to create results.

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