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October 07, 2012
Mike Dolpies
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Facebook recently hit the 1 billion user milestone.


I must CONFESS that I was skeptical four years ago.

Mainly due to my perspective.


At the time my perspective was that of a person on a mission to make my websites and the websites of my clients perform as best as they could.

I saw so many under-performing marketing websites. All the while the business was being distracted by shining objects. It frustrated me.

I sort of dug in my heels and tried to encourage everyone to “stop the madness” and get their “house in order.” By “house” I was referring to tightening up their main websites. I referred to “MySpace” as a warning for spending too much time and resources on Facebook. If you remember many folks put a lot of time and effort into MySpace and it was a huge waste!

The Truth…

Tightening up your Internet Marketing strategy and websites is really a never-ending process. So get used to it.

As time went on and I really spent a lot time on Facebook (not just as a user but as marketing person, observing and taking it all in) I saw the power. To give credit where credit is due it was Laura Brier of Vision Advertising that gave me the nudge I needed to change my perspective.

I would consider Facebook the closest thing to “Disney” online. Of course, I don’t mean you’re gonna get the warm and fuzzy feeling every time you log on. What I mean is Facebook is serious about your experience on the site. There’s an effort to make sure you get what you want out of Facebook. Maybe no one is really sure what they want out of Facebook – so I guess that’s the fun of it. Or maybe, it’s how Facebook sits at the intersection of voyeurism and narcissism that makes it so compelling?

Back to the story…

See – As an “internet marketing guy” it would have been easy back in 2008, 2009 – 2010 to jump in and anoint myself “Social Media Guru.” But I resisted because I must be authentic.

I am still NOT a social media guru and never will be. Although I frequently do advise and implement social media strategies for clients as part of other items we are handling for them.

Facebook Advertising is where I spend most of my Facebook time. Targeting the folks who already like my clients’ pages. Targeting “suspects” who fit the profile of potential prospects. Testing different ads. Tweaking when need be. Putting an ad to rest when it wears out. Plus countless other activities.

Facebook is intertwined in our lives.

Yes there is a shift to “mobile” and that will unfold over the next couple of years. To think that you should wait to get in the Facebook Advertising game just in case another “shiny object” comes along is crazy.

The mission of being a directory of “REAL” (keyword: REAL) people has been successful to date. The data of likes and interests is really like nothing else available to any marketer at anytime in history.

For these reasons… to NOT be in the game of Facebook Ads is crazy!

I went to a networking event and ran into an attendee of one of my Facebook Ads workshops. I told her it was great to see some of her ads on Facebook. Clearly she TOOK ACTION! I said…

“Well, how are they working?” She said she already got a client from her efforts!

Take away? A few of those billion people are right for your business. Now go find them on Facebook!

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