English Teacher Holding Your Business Back

August 27, 2012
Mike Dolpies

Whenever we help a biz owner launch a new website we always install a blog.

Not just any old blog.

We make sure the latest SEO and Social Media “Plug-Ins” are there.

The goal is to set up our clients for successful blogging.

A few months back I read an article in USA Today about how some companies were “getting rid of their blogs.”

Like any news story I feel this info was really hyped up.

Just because a few foolish big companies where abandoning their blogs does not mean we should all blindly follow!

Sad, Sad, Sad…

It is really sad that most small business owners don’t make blogging a regular thing.

They have “Blogger’s Block.”

A few excuses for bloggers block and how to beat them…

No Blog.

This is obvious. If there’s no blog, there’s NO BLOG. Most of the sites we inspect with our Free 48 Point Web Marketing Inspection Do NOT have a blog present.

Beat this by installing a blog.

Blog not set up right…

Of the few that have the blog most do not have it set up properly. Fugetabout all of the “latest plug-ins.” The number one blog set up sin is foolishly registering your blog somewhere other than one of your main websites.

Blogger’s Block…

You really do not have to be a “blogger” to have a blog for your business. This is where most really screw up. The don’t get into a habit of at least a once a week blog post.

They get hung up on “not knowing what to put on the blog.” This is a lame excuse.

The truth is anything that is happening in your business is fair game for your blog.

Any new developments in your industry. Anything can make a blog post!

Stop worrying about your 8th grade English teacher. Get the image of her looking over your shoulder out of your head. Your blogs do not have to be English Class Perfect!

Action Steps…

Make sure your blog is set up properly.

Get some basic training.

Start blogging.

Easy right??

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