Email Marketing is the Glue of The Internet

July 04, 2013
Mike Dolpies

I read some stats recently which confirmed some facts I had written about lately.

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The stats had to do with “Email Marketing.”

And how all sorts of companies of varying sizes found email marketing to be their best-performing media among their online efforts.

I often speak on the subject of Facebook Ads Marketing. When speaking I give my audiences the straight shot right up front. I tell them how effective Facebook Ads can be. I tell them how an increased “like count” can really have an impact on business.

But – I make them aware a “Facebook Like” is NOT as powerful as having an email address of a somewhat interested prospect. Of course – why not have both?

So let’s talk about email marketing and why it works.

Despite chatter about “no one using email anymore” – email is still the glue that holds the internet together.

Sure… Teens, certain people in Gen Y and some millennials are using various social networks to communicate… But these people still have email addresses. If they want to make a purchase online they need an email address.

Professionals of all ages who can afford your services have email addresses.

Email offers a direct line of communication. Yes, I know we all get tons of emails. But if you can stand out in the crowd – the direct line of communication is yours!

Email is powerful when it is combined with Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads Marketing.

If your site is found by a prospect who is in research mode email can be your winning edge.

Think about it…

So many people conduct research at times when they are not yet ready or can’t take action.

The person searching during work hours. The boss who delegates research to someone under her.

If you have a lead-gen offer in place via a webform properly placed on your website that is synced with your email marketing database you dramatically up your chances of success.

Think about it.

In research mode if a prospect looks at four different sites and yours is the only one with a lead-gen offer you win. If you’re the only one doing some email follow up you win.

I am reminded of the time I was in the market for pest-control services. I went to four different sites. Only two had some sort of offer for me to leave my contact info. Out of the two, one followed up by email and phone. Guess who won?

The take-aways…

Tightly ingrain lead-generation and email marketing to a decent website. If your lead-gen offer is done wrong or in the wrong place or worse – buried in an out-dated website it won’t help at all.

Then work to build your email list and work stay frequent with your communication.

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