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January 28, 2014
Mike Dolpies

I love reading about “disruption.”

It’s when a new technology and a company go in and disrupt an entire industry.

Overall, the usual disruption has its roots in making things easier and more convenient for customers.

Most of the time there’s some technology behind the disruption.

Most disruption these days is brought on by something “mobile.”


There are “foodie” start-up apps. These apps connect hungry people in a local area with restaurants and places to get a good bite on the go.

The disruption plan…. The apps gain a user base of “customers.”

Once the user base is in place they have an “asset” to dangle in front of small independent restaurants.

“Hey… we got some hungry people here waiting for you!”

The restaurant smells a chance to grab new business and signs on.

A bad thing?? No, not at all. If you can use different means to acquire customers and clients you should go for it.

But… most disruption comes because most independent business owners don’t see it as a marketing thing. They see it as a transaction.

And that’s exactly what the disruptor wants to happen.

The disruptor wants to process your orders and handle most of the experience. They only want the small business to do the grunt work. To serve the food, to provide the ride, to do the dry-cleaning.

And because the disruptor ends up bringing so much business the SMB becomes dependent. The disruptor gets into a power position.

You will see all sorts of disruption in the coming years.

There are start-ups that even intend to UN-seat Google.

Meaning – let’s say you have a busted hot-water heater and need a good plumber in an emergency.

Instead of going to Google – you may whip out this… “local services app” – see which plumbers are available, pay through the app to book the plumber without talking to anyone at the plumbing service. The app will notify the plumber. He’ll be on his way and within 30 minutes your hot-water heater will be fixed. (Don’t worry, Google’s not going anywhere – soon!)

Another example…

Uber is major disruptor in the livery, black car and taxi industry.

Using their app you can hail a big black sedan in most major cities quickly and show up to that meeting in style.

With existing black car/livery services you need to book in advance and typically pay a higher fee for the ride.

And there’s the disruption – making things easier via mobile.

When I read about this stuff – I always wonder…

Why don’t smaller companies get more savvy?

Here’s what I mean…

The small guy/girl can have a mobile app.

The small business, the pizza shop, the plumber, the sedan company…they can have their own app.

And if they get to the game earlier then the competition they could work hard and get a high percentage of their own customers to use their app. That’s right…. their own mobile app.

No need to rely on some third party “disruption.”

They can be the disruption.

Their customers/clients can engage with them on their mobile app.

The app can book appointments, process payments and keep everyone up to date.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either.

In fact… a good mobile app (Right Now) is free for you.

Go to the link below and we’ll build you a free Android App for your business…

Free Mobile Apps for Small Business

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