Creating a Framework for Your Content Marketing

December 04, 2013
Mike Dolpies

When talking to biz owners about “content marketing” a few things come up.

Sometimes – a general understanding and definition needs to be laid out first.

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Short answer…

Content Marketing is realizing your business must also be in the “media game.”

Why? Well… it’s just too easy to be in the game these days.

And when you look at where the eye-balls are the fact is media consumption in all forms is a big deal.

Emails are consumed.

Social Media content is consumed

Website content is consumed

To get in the game you need to get stuff out there to be consumed.

Sparing the details here – but there are so many options – it’s crazy.

Which leads to “The Framework.”

This morning I talked to one of my truly awesome clients.

We discussed adding in a few of our other services including…

Facebook Marketing.

That’s where we we look to increase the targeted followers and the content to a Facebook business page.

As I have stated before… When it comes to content marketing and social media – we are all only working with two things…

Content and Followers.

Everything flows from there.

And that – is the “Framework.”

What’s cool for him is that in our FB Ads Marketing service we allow for two conference calls each month.

These strategy sessions will help his team get clear on Content in other areas.


Much of our FB strategy will be applied to the blog.

Most of it will also be relevant to email marketing.

Of course, we’ll adjust and tweak for each “media.’

But the key is we’re creating a Framework.

Think about your “Framework” and we can fill it in from there.

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