Two Big Ideas for Internet and Facebook Marketing

May 12, 2013
Mike Dolpies

It’s been a busy spring…

A softball.

A softball. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jamie and I are coaching Julia and Marissa’s girl’s 7-9 softball team.

I’ll admit – she’s the head-coach.

Fact is – she played softball for Cornell

My softball experience?

Schoolyards in Philly.

OH – I did sponsor a team once too.

It works out good.

I don’t mind being the assistant coach.

I’m also a much better pitcher than Jamie

(When it comes to pitching to little kids so they can hit).

The rules allow the kids four pitches.

No hit or no strike out, the coaches come in to pitch until the kid hits or strikes out.

We’re having fun and so are all the kids.

We take it seriously too.

We wanta win and there’s no hiding it.

No “Musical Chairs” played with an extra chair around here.

The other parents appreciate our efforts too.

My wife wants to win every game.

She is very competitive.

Don’t get me wrong – I am also competitive. But my competitive side stays at the office most of the time.

Other things in life – not as much.

Jamie – everywhere.

And we’re 3 and 0!

Lot’s of practice leading up to these games.

And practice always comes down to two things…

Fielding and Hitting.

It all flows from fielding and hitting.

All the drills.

Two Things!

Same with getting your website to work well.

It comes down to TWO Things…

Traffic and Conversion.

In short….

Get Visitors = Traffic.

Get those Visitors to do what you want = Conversion.

Facebook too…

TWO Things

If you’re gonna make Facebook work for your business you have to focus on two things.

Acquisition and Content Marketing.

That’s it.

They work hand-in-hand.

They work together.

Without acquisition (Gaining More Targeted Page Likes) your Content Marketing is useless.

Without Content Marketing your Acquisition strategies are worthless.

Simple Right?



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