An Open Letter to Small Businesses so They Stop Whining and Use Facebook Newsfeed Changes to Your Advantage

April 02, 2014
Mike Dolpies

If you have a brick and mortar business or you are a service business who serves a particular geographic area you need to read this…

But only if you care… at all… about the amazing marketing potential there is waiting for you on Facebook…when it’s done right.

Here we go…

In a time… not so long ago… the community newspaper was thick.

It was full of content, news, and entertainment. All relevant to your local area.

The local newspaper was thick because of all the ads.

Because it commanded the eye-balls of the local market it was to advertise if you were in business serving this market.

Picture this…

You call up the local community paper and say…

“I love your stories. I love your news. I love your entertainment. I love how you keep this local community up to date each week. I love how the people in this area turn to you to see what’s going on. Keep up the great work.  And I also want you to know… I am entitled! I’m in business around here. And the people who can buy my stuff and use my services are reading your paper. I am going to send you some information about me… all about me… and I expect you to SHOW it to everyone who reads your paper. Thanks!

What… You want me to pay you? Why? I should not have to pay to put my content in front of your readers. No… you must put my stuff in their faces for free. And while you’re at it I am sure every other business will want you to put their “content” in your paper too. Sure… I understand it won’t be long before every business has their self-promoting sales content in your newspaper. Sure… I get it… eventually you won’t have any readers – but I don’t care. Now publish my content, or else!”

Could you imagine the reaction you would have received from your local newspaper way back when?

Right… they would think you were a few beers short of a six pack.

So why is it that smart and hardworking small business owners feel entitled to have their content placed in Facebook’s news feed simply “because?”

Because 100 people “Like” you? Because 10,000 people “Like” you?

It just doesn’t work that way. Facebook has changed the rules.

And you should have seen this coming.

If the average Facebook user saw everything from every business, person and page they liked – if the average Facebook user saw every post from all of their friends – Facebook would be an overwhelming mess.

In fact, Facebook would have a Twitter problem. Most users have left Twitter because of over-load. Too much Twitter noise coming at them.

Facebook does not show every possible piece of content to their users.

Facebook’s algorithm curates information.

That’s why Facebook users stick.

Back to you…

You have to see Facebook just as “Zuck” sees it.

Facebook is just a personalized newspaper.

And you have to treat it as such.

Facebook users just want to scroll and see what’s up.

Facebook users want to voyeur.

Facebook users want to be a little narcissistic.

The point is they don’t care about the information and content coming from your business.

If you want their attention – you are going to have to work at it.

You are going to need a budget.

Sure you can write a break up letter like the folks at “Eat 24.”

Facebook users won’t miss your business.

And guess what… All of us who “Get it” will say “thanks for leaving.”

If you want some ideas to put some punch into your Facebook Marketing visit…

Facebook Marketing Diagnostic


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