When I missed winning the Lottery By One Number

December 21, 2013
Mike Dolpies

When I was seventeen I was on a lottery kick.

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English: Pennsylvania Lottery official logo, which includes tagline, “Benefits Older Pennsylvanians. Every Day.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I played it every week for a few months.

This is going back to 1997.

The summer after I graduated high-school.

I figured I’d tell you about this because earlier this past week everyone was crazy on the whole mega millions thing.

These days we don’t play the lottery except when it gets way up there like it did on Tuesday.

I actually feel bad for those people I see at the super-market and gas stations buying tickets and scratch offs.

Such a scam. I agree with whoever said the lottery is a “Poor Man’s Tax.”

People wanting something for nothing.


Back in Philly in ’97 the PA Lottery had the “Super 7.”

That was the big one.

The drawing was every Saturday night for the Super 7.

Right around 5:30 I took a walk to the corner store and got my tickets.

Now… here’s the funny part.

The clerk at the store screwed up.

She sold me a ticket for the “Cash 5.”

The Cash 5 was drawn a few days a week.

It had a smaller jackpot than the Super 7.

That night the Cash 5 jackpot was about 300K.

As the drawing was getting ready to start I looked at my tickets and realized the mistake.

“OH well… Now I will pay attention to the Cash 5,” I figured.

Sure enough…. I missed it by one number.

I had 4 of the 5 digits.

The result… $300.

I used the money to put new set of front tires and get wheel alignment on my ’91 Buick LaSabre.

I am so glad I missed it by one number.

I am glad I didn’t win.

300k to a 17 year old kid can be a bad thing.

In my case – the 300k most-likely would not have served me well.

Especially for where I was in my life at the time.

See… I had no idea the day I missed the jackpot that three months later I’d be starting a business.

And the thought of starting a business was not even really on my short-term radar screen at the time.

Had I hit the 300k – would I still have started the business?

No way to know.

How would my life be different right now?

I have no idea.

The point is…

As you are taking the rest of the year to relax, reflect and spend time with who you care about… be thankful things have turned out how they have in your business. Constantly learn and apply. Ask for help and let those ideas come to life.

All the best!




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