How to Become a Google VIP

November 05, 2012
Mike Dolpies

Are you a Google V.I.P.?

Even though there’s really no such thing as the “Google V.I.P. Club” – the truth is you can be one.

Before we get to that let’s try to clarify the confusion when it comes to…

“Organic SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing/ Google Adwords.”

The key point to remember is these are two vastly different interent marketing concepts.

Most people foolishly think SEO and PPC are the same.

So what they do is ponder which “keywords they want to rank for.”

Then – they go and bid on tons of these words and try to drive traffic to the home page of their website.


Google penalizes you by charging you more!

Because Google has something called a “Quality Score.”

I won’t go into details but your “landing page” and your ad are scored for relevence.

The worse your score – the more you pay!

Then – there’s the “Goolge V.I.P. Treatment.”

That’s when you play the game the way Google wants you to.

You earn a high quality score by drilling down for keywords and phrases and creating campaigns around those.

You drive those clicks to specific and optimized landing pages with a clear call to action.

Guess what?

You rank higher and pay Google less! They give you the V.I.P. Treatment!

When we work with Google Adwords Clients our job is to get the V.I.P treatment.

Separating key words and creating those landing pages is the first step.


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