Facebook Ads Marketing Conversion Tracking

December 19, 2013
Mike Dolpies

In recent months Facebook really stepped up their Ad Tools for Small Businesses.

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They’re offering us more stats, more data, more ways to track.

Recently I tested the conversion tracker.

Conversion Trackers are all about being able to collect data so you can make adjustments.

Whenever I explain this to a Facebook Ads or Google Adwords Client the simple example is…

Let’s say we pay 100 bucks for ads.

Let’s just talk clicks…

We spent 100 and we end up with 100 clicks.

That’s a dollar a click.


But – let’s say out of those clicks we end up with 4 good leads.

That’s a conversion of 4%.

We spent $25/lead.

Is that good?

Well – it depends on many factors including your first transaction.

An Online Conversion is simply…

“Getting a Website Visitor to Do What You Want.”

Now – out of those 4 leads… let’s say 2 get into your world.

And you charge $200 to allow people into your world.

That’s $400.

So you spent 100 and brought back 400.


You Win!

This is really a simplistic way to look at this.

But simple is the best way to start.

And that’s how you have to approach any “PPC” marketing.

I started testing the Facebook Ad Conversion Tracker.

My numbers…

$9 spent. 1 lead.

Now – keep in mind – this was a small test and the total reach of the ad was pretty small.

Again — that’s the flexibility of Facebook Ads Marketing… You can test things on a small scale.


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