Digging Your Marketing Well and Being Thirsty

April 16, 2013
Mike Dolpies

I butchered the old wise quote…

“Dig the well before you thirst” just for fun.

I want to use this post to remind you or simply drive home the idea of lead-generation in your marketing.

Lead-generation starts with a mindset.

The first part of the mindset is being OK with the fact that not everyone is ready to do business with you right now.

Some are interested enough to begin investigating.

Some are interested enough to request more information.

Many are open to exploring how you can help them solve their problems.

But only a small percentage are actually ready to take action.

I was sitting with a Landscape Designer/Contractor recently.

For someone in his line of work it’s natural to gravitate lead generation toward…

“Free Estimate” or “Free Initial Consultation.”

And he should do that for folks who are READY to go.

But there are a bunch of prospects who are not ready.

For these guys he needs to think “pre-ready” to requesting the quote.

What would be good for them?

And those answers is what needs to be packaged into a lead-gen initiative.

It is this scenario which is the “digging of the well” part.

When you’re OK with all this and grasp it you can begin to design marketing systems, plans and campaigns to fit into the natural progression of the prospect’s buying cycle.

You can fit them into groups of prospects and deploy different approaches to each group.

You can follow up and stay in touch with better relevance.

When you design systems to fit into this natural flow of things you’ll stand out like a soar big toe.

Your goal in lead generation marketing is moving “suspects” inside your little fence where you keep your prospects.

There are so many ways to implement this mindset…

When it comes to your online marketing being strategic about various offers on your website is key. Driving traffic to those various offers will enable you to see which offers work best so you can adjust accordingly.

Using Facebook to build page likes is fine but you have to evolve to the next step of turning those likes into leads.

A mindset of lead generation can be applied to all sorts of marketing not just online marketing.

You can use direct mail to generate leads. In this case you mail to “suspects” and create steps for them to move down your line and eventually get going with you.

In referral marketing you can create a system for qualifying your referrals for different offers.

Once you generate leads the best way to stay in touch is with content marketing.

Let your prospects “inside” your business with some news, information and advice that can help them.

You can do this with your company blog.

Generate leads then send them regular emails when you update your blog.

Have fun!

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