Croc Brain Marketing Secrets

November 11, 2012
Mike Dolpies

Feel free to check this post for scientific facts. But I recommend for now you put the “Does Mr. D. have his facts straight?” question aside and stay with me.

Buried deep in our brain matter is our “Croc Brain.” Small and primal. Just responsible for accessing threats and making quick decisions. I’m sure it does a lot more too.

It can’t analyze much of anything. It processes information fast and in the most simple manner.

Early in human existence it was responsible for determining if our lives were in danger. If danger was detected it quickly responded in a “second nature” sort of way.

Times Have Changed… But The Croc Brain still serves us.

I won’t go into all the boring details of how the Croc Brain has evolved. We’ll just skip ahead to…

Croc Brain Marketing…

Anything you put out there…

A web page.

The design of your website.

A social media post.

Print Marketing


One to One Communication.

Whatever it is.

It first lands in the Croc Brain. Your prospect (or whoever is receiving the message) uses, (without knowing it) their croc brain to determine whether they should even consider your message.

“Is it a threat to my focus and attention?”

“Does it even matter?”

“Can I do without it?”

Your marketing and your internet marketing must make it past the “Croc Brain” first.

The take away is to approach everything with simplicity in mind.

This is not about “dumbing it down.” but more about making things clear, easy to understand and simple. When someone becomes more familiar with you and the trust builds up you can then talk “facts and figures.”

Something to ponder is all parts of your brain!

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