The Choice to Attract More Facebook Page Likes

April 19, 2013
Mike Dolpies

I remember way back when.


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Sitting in my office in South Philly.

At least once a week someone would come in trying to sell me some form of “Print Marketing.”

Mainly in a local newspaper.

There were so many little print publications in my area too.

I would simply ask…

Where is the distrubution? (Meaning – which neighberhoods?)

How is the disctribution? (Meaning – are you dropping them off somewhere and waiting for folks to take them, or are you delivering to the door?)

Do you have a general idea of WHO your audience is? (Then – I would tell them to leave me a couple of issues so I can see the content).

How many readers? (this number was a lie 75% of the time).

Then – I would negotiate a test rate for myself.

If the test went well I would keep going.

How did I test? Usually with an ad that pulled well in another publication.

There was a publication I was consistent with over the years.

This was the one I would run ads in numerous weeks out the year.

It was the most widely read community paper. If an ad worked there – it usually would work somewhere else. Unless…

Some of the above questions where not “on point.”

So much has changed since then.

But so much has stayed the same.

Right now, for most people, Facebook is their most widely read “newspaper.”

Yea – I know they would not call it that. Zuck called it that though!

With a billion+ users I would bet FB out-pulls any local site or newspaper as far as “eye-balls” go.

Meaning: I bet there are more registered FB users in your area than read these local publications anymore. (not saying to stop the local publications if they’re working for you.)

The question really is will you “Show Up” in that widely read newspaper or not?

A few ways to ensure you show up…


You can “advertise” on FB using Facebook Ads.

The cool thing is we can really pin-point who you want.

Not like the newspaper of old that went to every door.

Picture it like placing an ad in that paper years ago.

But there’s a greater power.

Once they “Like” your business.

You can now show up as content (if you’re strategic).

Meaning: Instead of just being an advertiser you can work yourself into the content they are consuming on Facebook.

That leads to one important fact…

You can only up your chances of showing up as “content” for more users if you make it a point to acquire page likes.

Why not go for 1000, 2000, 3000 or more page likes?

Here’s something we put together to help you out with Targeted Page Likes…

It’s a quick video that goes over why you might wanta snag some more page likes now.

Video is here

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